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Whether your project is with a large capital or a small home project, you would not be able to achieve your goals if you do not have a strong marketing strategy, here at Plus Media we give you everything you need to start your project and improve your sales rate.

About Plus media

There is a philosophy on which successful businesses rely and which has made them have a distinctive role that distinguishes them from other businesses, whether in our Arab or Western world, which is to treat the customers as if they are the company’s own representatives, in order to bring the company and its customers closer and to listen to what they want.

And here we are in Plus Media, we have come to change the marketing system in our Arab world, to add our touch to conventional marketing, and to make it from a copyist to an innovator, particularly in the vast digital environment in which we must continue to make progress, and to set our positive footprint and be an example to others.

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Plus Media services

We sum up years of experience in e-marketing about how to grow and publicize your brand in the most stylish and easy way and improve your sales rate.

  • Managing your accounts in social media

  • Comprehensive marketing and planning
  • Launch and execute marketing campaigns
  • Writing your content for ads
  • A service to increase your profile interactions (likes + comments)
Creating content

When we talk about content, we talk about the marketing right hand. Each project requires visual and auditory content to be its advertising interface.

  • Corporate image concept
  • Custom logo design
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Creation of commercial posters

you have an idea that you want to turn into a project in the simplest and least expensive way? We offer consultancy services based on management and marketing expertise for various businesses and ventures in all fields.

  • Integrated Business Plan
  • Consulting Practical and Marketing procedures
  • Research and study of market rivals
  • Look for solutions and carry out alternate strategies
Web pages

All projects need a platform to showcase their services and goods in a manner that fulfils the expectations of consumers, here we offer you a team that specializes in designing and adapting your sites according to your needs.

  • Website design for companies
  • Launching online stores for individuals and businesses
  • SEO services
  • Advertising service in Google Adwords
Project photography service

We put in your hands the service of drone photography to cover commercial businesses, real estate projects, and even your special occasions. Professional 4K aerial photography with video montage and cinematography to show your project in the best way possible, that, in essence, helps you with your marketing campaign as it creates a powerful and positive impact on your business and provides a prestigious image for you.

These drones are used to capture images of locations and projects at high altitudes and angles that are difficult to reach with conventional cameras. The whole process will be performed by a trained drone expert with the requisite credentials and permits.

In all our projects, we analyze your needs in the most accurate way and determine the appropriate equipment, shooting time and working standards. We deal with every new project with the greatest possible attention and provide this service throughout the whole of Turkey.

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